4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Roof for Your Business in Billings

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Are you considering investing in your property a new commercial roofing in Billings? Given the climate variability, Billings faces occasional challenges such as severe winds, hailstorms, and even occasional tornadoes. Selecting the right roofing system is pivotal in safeguarding your property against weather extremes. While choosing the ideal roof may seem daunting, at Kirkness Roofing Inc., we’re dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.

In this article, we’ll discuss four essential tips for selecting a new roof in Billings and details about the services offered by Kirkness Roofing Inc.


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Choosing the Best Commercial Roof for Your Billings Business: 4 Tips

Consider Your Budget: Your budget is a big factor when deciding on a new type of roofing for your commercial building. At Kirkness Roofing Inc., we install EPDM roofing, TPO roofing, PVC roofing, modified bitumen roofing, and flat roofing. To understand the specific cost factors that go into each roofing material, you can speak with our professional roofing team to determine which roofing material will best fit your budget. 

Hiring Local: Hiring a local roofing company for your building improvement needs will help provide you with durable and personalized roofing solutions. A local roofing company will have experience providing property owners in your area with roofing solutions that will withstand the climate, they will be able to provide timely responses to storm damage, and they will already be complying with local commercial building codes. 

Durability Requirements for Your Climate: Before choosing a new commercial roof, consider the durability requirements of your local climate. As mentioned above, Billings is prone to harsh winds, tornadoes, and hail. It’s vital to choose a commercial roof material that will withstand these types of natural conditions, improve the functionality of your commercial building, and ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible. It’s a good idea to choose roofing materials that need minimal upkeep and that are resistant to high winds, rain, humidity, mold, and UV radiation.

Your Ideal Style: Now, it’s time for the fun part. What does your ideal commercial roof look like? What texture, color, and style of roofing are you interested in? These things will come into play when choosing a new roof for your building. 

The Commercial Roof Options That We Offer 

EPDM Roofs

Crafted from durable synthetic rubber, EPDM roof offers a cost-effective solution for flat roofs with ease of installation. Its lightweight nature and flexibility make it adaptable to various roof types. Whether adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted, an EPDM roof ensures stability for the next 15-20 years.

TPO Roofs

Seeking durability akin to EPDM but with added strength? Look no further than TPO. Made from recycled rubber, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) offers an environmentally friendly option. Installation is as straightforward as regular EPDM, and TPO provides the assurance of a longer-lasting roof.

PVC Roofs

PVC roofing’s robust construction eliminates the need for typical adhesive installation. Instead, a simple heat weld of the seams allows the roof to expand and contract alongside the building. Additionally, PVC’s reflective properties ensure resistance to discoloration from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Modified Bitumen Roof

Similar to BUR roofs, modified bitumen offers layers of asphalt-based material, delivering both insulation and protection. Trusted since the 1970s, modified bitumen is a reliable choice for flat roofing, offering long-term cost savings.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs, designed with a slight pitch for efficient water and snow runoff, come in various materials tailored to specific building needs. Over-engineered methods and materials ensure resilience against water, fire, and wind damage, providing peace of mind for property owners.


commercial roof options, commercial roof materials, best commercial roof


Commercial Projects That We Work On

  • Multifamily Properties
  • HOA Properties
  • Churches
  • Apartments
  • Assisted Living Facilities 

Ready to Move Forward: Choose Kirkness Roofing Inc.

At Kirkness Roofing Inc., we take pride in offering elevated commercial roofing services to enhance your commercial property’s aesthetics and functionality. With a diverse selection of commercial roofing materials available, our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect fit for your unique business needs. From start to finish, we’re here to ensure your roofing project is executed with precision and excellence.


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